From Sphynx To Persian, Siamese To Abyssinian,
Long Haired Or Short Haired, Wire Haired
To No Hair, Jungle Exotics Is Your
Number One Choice For Domestic Cats.

The "Austin Powers" Films To
"Homeward Bound" And TV's "Caroline In The City",
Jungle Exotics Is A Proven Leader In
Trained Cats For The Entertainment Industry.

Below Are Pictures Of Many Of Our Trained Cats,
If You Don't See The Breed Or Look That You Are Wanting, Give Us A Call And We Will Forward Pictures Of That Cat. 

      Bruce   Inky   Kio   Julius 

        Bubba   Cappuccino   Diva

        Catnip   Grey Bird   Copy Cat

        Latte   Molasses  Tica

        Pumba   Skylar   Whiskers     

     Velcro   Red   Moon   Prince

                   Tito    Sphynx    Ted



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